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Kinesiology Buderim - Buderim Forest Kinesiology

Buderim Forest Kinesiology - Kinesiology Buderim provides its services in a multi-disciplinary health centre which offers Energy Healing to the people on Sunshine Coast and the surrounding areas.

Kinesiology is a gentle Complementary Therapy based on Ancient Chinese Meridian Acupressure Medicine used in conjunction with knowledge of Western Anatomy.

Using gentle touch to Muscle Monitor and indentify Physical (dis-ease; aches; pains etc), Emotional (stress; a thought; a memory etc) and Biochemical (hormones; foods; allergens etc) stressors held within the body, Kinesiology works with the mind and body together to bring about positive change.

Kinesiology, which includes the use of certain holding and rubbing points, visualisation, and movement-based techniques along with many other gentle, non-invasive tools, will initiate your body’s innate healing system to bring you to your optimal health.


Shape up with a new OUTER YOU. Shed the excess accumulated and discover a more trim, healthy and vibrant YOU.
Nutritional assessment & Lifestyle plan –  Food sensitivity Testing / Allergies / Inflammation

Shape up with a new INNER YOU. Lose the inner baggage making your life a drudge and find that inner peace, clarity and wellbeing.
Stress & Pain management, emotional blockages, sleep disorders, relationships , ongoing illnesses and injuries.

CALL US TODAY ON 0411 260 195

   Buderim Forest Kinesiology

   Kinesiology Buderim

 0411 260 195
 10 Tyson Court
 Buderim, QLD

Business Hours:

Consultations by appointment.

1.5 Hours for initial consult / assessment

Follow-up is 1 Hour

Buderim Forest Kinesiology - Kinesiology Buderim offers the following services:

  • Holistic Kinesiology
  • Nuerolinguistic Bio Kinesiology (learning disorders)
  • Nutritional Bio Kinetics (clinical nutrition)
  • Chakra balancing
  • TFT- Thought Field Therapy

Buderim Forest Kinesiology
Kinesiology Buderim
Ph: 0411 260 195
Buderim - QLD
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